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You may consider donating to support our following services or programmes:

Fei Yue Family Service Centre

  1. Community Outreach programmes
  2. Student Care Centre
  3. Elderly Programmes

Fei Yue Community Services

  1. Family Life Education
  2. Family Resource Centre (For families of inmates)
  3. Early Intervention Centre for Children
  4. Elderly Programmes
  5. Youth Programmes

You may indicate the payee as either: Fei Yue Community Services or Fei Yue Family Service Centre for your donation.

Please attached the donation form with your cheque:

Individual Donor Corporate Donor

Send the form to the following address:
20 Lengkok Bahru Playground Block, #03-02,
Singapore 159053
Attention: Ms Eliza Koh

For donation-in-kind, you may donate items that are in good working condition so that others are able to use them. As we do not have storage places here, we urge your kind understanding that we can only accept items that are storage-friendly and relevant to our current needs. Alternatively, you may log on to to donate items that may benefit other organizations or beneficiaries if we do not find the donated items suitable for our clients.

If you are keen to purchase food ration items for our needy families with meagre income or the frail elderly, please make sure the shelf life is at least 3 months and above. Food items should have halal logo printed on the packaging. You can click here for instructions to purchase food items from FairPrice Online for beneficiaries. Using a registered FairPrice Online account, click on “Donate to VWOs” and select “Fei Yue Community Services”.

We need food ration items periodically. Our Family Service Centres, Senior Activity Centres and Retirees Centre serve needy families who face financial difficulties, as well as the vulnerable elderly who live on their own. Some of them have problems putting a meal on the table. If you would like to alleviate their burden, you may consider purchasing the following:

For the elderly
  1. Rice (1kg or less)
  2. Noodles (not instant noodles)
  3. Milk Powder (for elderly)
  4. Biscuits
  5. Canned Food like sardines, pickled vegetables, curry chicken
  6. Beverages (Coffee, tea, milo)
  7. Laundry detergents
  8. Toiletries
  9. Cleaning agents
For low-income families
  1. Rice (5kg)
  2. Pasta
  3. Pasta sauce
  4. Milk powder (1-7 years old)
  5. Canned Food like sardines, pickled vegetables, curry chicken
  6. Biscuits
  7. Condiments
  8. Beverages (coffee, tea, milo)
  9. Cereal
  10. Vermicelli
  11. Oil (1L)
  12.  Toiletries
  13. Laundry detergents
  14. Cleaning agents
For the children:

Do you have educational toys (not soft toys) or books (suitable for children below 12 and in good condition) that you would like to give away? If so, you may consider donating them to our children’s programmes or student care centres for our clients’ use. You may call us at 6819 9177 or email if you would like to donate these items.

Many of the low-income clients we meet at our centres often require everyday items but are unable to afford them.

If there is any request you would like to fulfill, email us at today!


Clothes Rack (Date of request: 31/5/18)

Low income single mother with 3 teenagers is looking for a clothes rack. Refer here for reference

Requested by: Natasha, HEART@FY

Mamy Poko Size L50 (Date of request: 31/5/18)

Low income parents with 2 young children require support of 3 packets of Mamy Poko Size L50 diapers

Requested by: Natasha, HEART@FY

NAN® OPTIPRO® H.A. 2 (Date of request: 31/5/18)

Low income parents with 2 young children require support of two cans of NAN Optipro H.A. 2.

Requested by: Natasha, HEART@FY

Laptop (Date of request: 24/5/18)

Transnational family and the husband passed away recently, leaving behind his wife and and two children. The two children are studying in Primary 1 and 3 respectively and they are using a 10 years old laptop (which is lagging) for school e-learning. Wife is a sole breadwinner and she works long hour as a hawker to support the family. A new laptop will provide a respite for the wife in supporting the children in their studies and allows her to run online errands in the midst of her long working hours.

Requested by: Claire Koh, CCK FSC

Laptop (Date of request: 24/5/18)

This is for a low-income family with four young children aged between 2 to 6 years old, living in a rental block. The eldest son is entering Primary school next year and his mother expressed desire to have a laptop to support her son's e-learning curriculum in Primary School. Both parents are lowly educated but observed to be committed parents.

Requested by: Claire Koh, CCK FSC

Aluminium folding trolley (Date of request: 15/5/18)

Elderly client requires a new trolley as her current one is spoilt. She relies on it for her shopping needs and walking support.

Requested by: Ching Ching, PCD

Flat-screen TV (Date of request: 26/3/18)

Grandparents looking after 4 young grandchildren in need of new TV due to old set spoiled. It can help grandparents to better manage children by occupying them and providing grandparents with respite.

Requested by: Natasha, HEART@FY

Microwave oven (Date of request: 26/3/18)

Microwave for a family of 5 consisting of 4 teenagers and single mother. The microwave will aid the children to heat up their food which their mother cooks for them on daily basis. The 4 teenagers had been eating instant noodles or cold food while their mother was incarcerated. Hope the microwave will help them to feel the warmth and comfort as they heat up the food cooked by their mother who was recently released.

Requested by: Ching Ching, PCD

Blender (Date of request: 22/03/18)

Blender is for a family of 5 who stays in 1 room rental flat. The 4 children are in their teens and they are still studying. Mother uses the food blender to cook and at times blend chilli to sell and help out family expenses. Hence not requesting for food blender with complex functions.

Requested by: Ching Ching, PCD

Wheelchair (Date of request: 20/03/18)

Wheelchair bound client will be releasing soon and he needs a wheelchair to go home. Need the wheelchair by end April.

Requested by: Ying Yuh, PCD

TV (Date of request: 26/02/18)

Elderly staying with her grandchildren. Recently her old type of TV (previously a gift, the box type) was spoilt. Repairing may not be feasible as the old type of TV may not have the spare parts anymore. The TV need not be big and new as long as it is still in good working condition.

Requested by: Ching Ching, PCD

3-Sliding Door Wardrobe (Date of request: 24/04/17)

Client is suffering from mental illness and is from a low-income family. Client's household furniture is a few years old and no longer in good condition. Client hopes to receive a side table with lock function to keep confidential documents in her bedroom.

Requested by: Ching Ching, PCD

Grant a wish

Date Request Wish Fulfilled

Microwave oven - 22/1/18 

Single male staying in 1 room flat and request for microwave as he does not cook and prefers to heat up his food for his meals due to long working hours outside. He does not need an expensive microwave and does not mind 2nd hand one but have to be halal friendly.

Wish fulfilled on 9/2/18

Enfagrow A+ Stage 4 - 30/1/18 

Widowed unemployed mother caring for 3 school-going children. Looking for 2 tin of Enfagrow stage 4 milk to support the family in meeting the basic needs of the youngest child.
Wish fulfilled on 9/2/18

Rice Cooker - 30/1/18 

Single parent family request support for a rice cooker in good working condition.
Wish fulfilled on 6/2/18

Children's Table & Chairs - 11/1/18 

Low-income family has 2 young children. Older child, 5 years old, has special needs. Looking for children's table and chairs for the children as house does not have any furnitures at the moment.

Wish fulfilled on 20/1/18

New rice cooker - 15/12/17

Client is an elderly staying with her grandchildren in 2 room rental flat. Both children's parents are currently incarcerated. Her rice cooker is near spoiling hence she request for rice cooker.

Wish fulfilled on 6/1/18

Air fryer - 18/07/17 

Single female elderly is taking care of 2 teenage grandchildren in 2 room rental flat. The air fryer is for elderly to prepare meals for her grandchildren (or grandchildren can use the air fryer themselves) as her legs are not good and recently she has experienced some health issues, so air fryer is a safer option for the family.

Wish fulfilled on 25/10/17

Air Dryer - 18/07/17

Single female elderly is taking care of 2 teenage grandchildren in 2 room rental flat. The family using an old hair dryer and spoiled recently.
Wish fulfilled on 4/09/17

Bed-side table with drawers (Can be locked) - 24/04/17 

Client is suffering from mental illness and is from a low-income family. Client's household furniture is a few years old and no longer in good condition. Client hopes to receive a side table with lock function to keep confidential documents in her bedroom.
Wish fulfilled on 23/05/16.

Fridge - 25/11/16 

Client has 3 children and stays in a rental flat with her husband, who is the sole breadwinner. She is currently pregnant with a 4th child and is due for delivery in Feb 2017. The financial burden of the family falls solely on the father. Their fridge broke down recently but the family does not have spare cash to get a new one.
Wish fulfilled on 4/12/16.

Washing Machine - 25/11/16

Client has 6 children, and her boyfriend was recently released from prison and has just found a job. Client has just found a part-time job and is currently receiving financial assistance ends meet. Their washing machine has just broken down and the family does not have spare cash to get another one. The whole family urgently needs one for washing their clothes.

Wish fulfilled on 4/12/16.

Blood Pressure Monitor & Blood Glucose Monitor - 28/10/16

Client is an ex-inmate that is currently on 6 months MC as he is on medication for depression and is thus unable to get a job. He is currently living off his minimal savings, and needs the equipment to monitor his blood sugar and cholesterol.
Wish fulfilled on 13/1/16.

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