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Feedback for Early Intervention Centre for Children
"I would like to thank the teachers, therapists and staff of Fei Yue who had interacted with us. They have been very helpful and attentive to our needs, I am very happy and satisfied with Fei Yue's services."
"No words can describe my gratitude towards the past and present team of teachers and therapists of my child. I am truly grateful for their effort in teaching and guiding my child."
"老师授课的方式非常适合我的孩子,对孩子的帮助非常大,从讲几个字到现在可以和同学老师语言交流, 非常的谢谢老师"
"The EIPIC teacher did a very good job. Please keep it up. My child, has improved tremendously after attending EIPIC. He is more caring and attentive to other people and surrounding now."
"Me and my husband felt my child had improve a lot eversince joining your centre. Even parents of other kids told me too. Can understand her better. She is more independent with some routines and she is more sociable."
"Fei Yue teachers, pyschologist and physiotherapists team are very helpful and provide usuful tactic to handle my child."
"My husband and I would like to say thank you so much to Fei Yue EIPIC for the great support to my child in many ways within such a short period (1 term). We also reccommend to parents who has kids with autism or slow development kids to send to Fei Yue EIPIC. Once again, we would like to say "Thank You" to Fei Yue and team."
"Teachers, social worker and therapist have helped my family a lot. The rapport we build is amazing. I can communicate better with my child and she seems very happy attending EIPIC."
"To all the teachers in Fei Yue EIPIC. I would like to say many thanks for all the attentions, efforts you guys had given to my son while he is in the centre. Thank you to all for helping my son in managing what he's been weak in before he joined Fei Yue. My son had changed a lot ever since he joined Fei Yue. He much more confident in himself. Thank you to all for who He is today. "
Community Based Programmes (CBP)
"Very good after care service, help a lot to better manage my life situation"
"This program help me and guide me to monitor my progress and give me advice and guidance in some areas which I really need help. I'm thankful and feel grateful. "
Children-In-Care Services (Adoption and Fostering)
"The Fei Yue team has been most meticulous and sensitive at the same time during the application process. Thanks to Fei Yue for handling our case very promptly after being referred to by MSF."
"Very helpful and supportive. Diana outlined all challenges I need to be ready to encounter. Very insightful and interesting experience"
Eldercare Services
"I like how they (the Fei Yue staff who attend to me) check on me if there is a problem, because I live alone."
"I enjoy the outings organized."
"If I need assistance, like calling an ambulance or fixing something at home, they (Fei Yue Staff) will help."
Family Programmes
"I like the way the trainer teached. They helped me to understand the lesson and myself."
"Trainer Abby, she is very nice and she is able to help me straightened my thoughts."
"Entertaining and engaging. The activities were really fun."
"Trainer's positive vibe and her sharing is very encouraging."
"The sessions changed me and I like the counsellor. They are very energetic and very helpful. Overall it's very fun and helpful."
"I like everything about the session, especially the self-reflection segment"
Prison Care Services
"My caseworker Ms Ying Yuh has done a good job. She listen and understand my situation and showed concern for my well-being. "
Family Central
"Funny & insightful"
"The speaker was great! I enjoyed this talk and found it extremely meaningful. Thank you"
"I learnt techniques to regulate my emotions"
"Help me to understand my daughter"
"The programme is very amazing"
"A good sharing and reinforces concepts/ideas which may have been forgotten"
"There is a lot of thing(s) to learn"
"The talk was very good"
"David Seah is very engaging speaker. Enjoyed his sharing"
"Useful reminder for me on the importance of Family Bonding"
"It was a fruitful time. We enjoy the class"
"Very informative. Certainly benefit me to be more equipped as a parent"
"清楚简单讲出我们常犯的毛病,讲员的忠告和建议非常诚恳 "
"Good and humourous talk with lots of useful information"
Counselling and Casework Services
"Rachel has done a good job in providing counselling services for me in this 1 year. I know that I am not alone as Fei Yue has been with me during this time. I hope that more people can benefit from these services."
"Lan Cher is loving and kind. I can share a heart-to-heart talk with her."
"Joyz is a very patient and understanding counsellor who is able to walk us through a difficult patch and mend our relationship."
"Christina was great at pointing out steps and processes for creating safe boundaries within relationships. She also helped me organise my thought processes. Very thankful to have worked with her."
"Shirley worked closely with me to examine the issue I am dealing with and gave professional guidance to help me better understand and manage myself."
"The counsellor has given me a good impression. He has helped me during my hard time and to overcome my difficulty situation. Thank you very much for his help."
"I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to Rachel. She's been very understanding and emphatic to my situations and was a great listener who makes me very comfortable in sharing my problems. Am glad to have met her. Thanks Rachel."
"On behalf of my family, we thank Meiryl and Rubeni for their advice and kind help during our difficult times."
"Great Service. They have been attentive. I have a good experience and comfortable sharing my stories and thoughts."
"Eunice is very professional. Show Empathy. She helped me a lot. She is the best."
"Worker understood my situation well, helped me a lot in coping. Thankful to Christine"
"The social worker willling to listen and understand our worries. They are able to help and given the ideas on what we were worries. We are appreciated the help and ideas."
"Very thankful for the help that I was given. It changes my life. Thank you, Judith."
"I am very grateful towards the counselling support and asssistance rendered by the counsellor, Jane Chua. I would like to thank her and wish her all the best."
"Thank you for helping me thru my toughest time. "
"Vivien is helpful and very kind. She gives me a lot of hope in life. "
"I would like to commend my counsellor for he has greatly helped me in many ways. One of which is the relationship with my daughter. Appreciate the help, directions & suggestions given."
"The session changed my perception of what counselling can achieve. Greatly appreciate the time and effort by counsellor Vivien in assisting with my difficulties."
"I am thankful for having such a responsible and caring officer who is willing to give a helping hand to my family throughout our difficulties. Thank you so much Mr Lam."
"The services that are rendered to me are immediate and prompt. Faith has been very helpful in supporting me."
"Social Worker is very concerned about my well being. He has helped me learn how to manage whatever difficulties I face. I am very thankful to him for the effort and care towards my family. I will live my life well. "
"Social worker is very patient with me and listen to me so that it makes me feel better."
"Jane is a very nice, helpful, and professional caseworker who helps me a lots. Thank you."
"Lanny really understand the situations I faced. There are many suggestions offered throughout and I feel positive and strengthen to move on to take on the challenges."
"She (Ms Judith) helped me a lot and always give good advice and plans."
Volunteer Development
"The staff at Fei Yue have been extremely supportive throughout our volunteering experience. Although centre is far from where I live, my experience has been enriching."
"I love spending my time after school to go to the centre and help my mentee in subjects he is weak in. I feel so good and accomplished when he said that he improved from F to B in English."
"Such an awesome inspiring and meaningful life as a volunteer, train me be more grateful on my daily life in any circumstances."
Youth Services
"Thanks for hearing me out"
"After the counseling session, I was feeling a lot better"
"I do feel better sharing my feelings here and it will help regulate my feelings."
"Thank you so much for listening to me and your encouragement :)"