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Feedback for Early Intervention Centre for Children
"My son loves to attend teacher Hannah's class. Can see improvement within these 2 months which I am really very happy."
"Frequent interactions with the staff or teachers have enable us to gain insights on better management of our child."
"They answered my questions patiently and helped me to assist child better."
"The school environment is "warm" and welcoming. Staff are always smiling and acknowledging parents/kids."
"The admin and social worker are very attentive to my queries, patient and do follow-up with reminders by email and calls. Much appreciated!"
"Teacher have done a wonderful job. They are very dedicated and care for the children."
"I am very satisfied with the qualiy of assistance and class sessions."
"Exceeded my expectation. Well done teachers!"
"I am really happy and appreciate all the efforts that the teachers have put on in teaching and engaging my child. He has shown so much improvement ever since he joined in 2015. The teachers are really dedicated and sincere in being a part of my child's progress."
Children-In-Care Services (Adoption and Fostering)
"Sincere and compassionate centre. Thank you!"
"The social workers are very professional in their work."
"Diana and other Fei Yue staff are very polite and careful in handling our case. They are detailed and have given us a lot of advice which are helpful in our adoption process. We are glad to have them in our journey to 'conceive' our adopted child."
"Ms Diana Wu is very professional in her approach. She has been able to assist us with all our queries/questions. She is a good communicator and has the ability to ask questions sensitively."
"Our assessor was Diana. I found her to be empathetic and thoughtful throughout the whole process. I thought she was also skillful in managing and steering the interview process."
Eldercare Services
"I like how they check on me if there is a problem, because I live alone."
"Always buy food for me, visit me in the hospital."
"Enjoy the outings organised."
Prison Care Services
"Caseworker is kind & helpful. Appreciate Caseworker effort. I am happy and satisfied with the services provided by my caseworker, Julia."
"Caseworker was helpful and showed concern for my well-being."
"I'm very grateful & want to thanks my caseworker Ching Ching whom as helped & addressed to all my concerns."
"What I like the most is when the facilitators touches our heart and provide more positive thoughts and belief in us."
"Trainer has presented the programme in a highly entertaining way and it benefitted us. The interaction between Trainer and inmate are strong and good."
"My caseworker (Daphne) who represents Fei Yue has been exceedingly supportive and positively constructive in her mentorship and assistance provided in the best interests of her client's current and prospective area of need."
"The trainer, Richard, is patient, helpful and very personable. The course itself is enriching for those who take it seriously, and I appreciate the effort of Richard to try to engage every single person."
"The Facilitators are very lively, patient and always lend us a listening ear."
"My counsellor very good and sincerely helpful and supportive."
Family Central
"Good examples and insightful sharing."
"We got a lot of insights that should help us to bring up our daughter."
"Informative and fun."
"This programme has provided me with a better insight on the subject of active ageing"
"I worry and am quite apprehensive about getting old - now I am so excited about the new opportunities out there to engage in plus a lot of work that I need to do to work at building and retaining new relationships."
"This program provide good knowledge and also give every family a good bonding throughout the day"
"Very good speaker. Enjoy her humonus way of presentation."
"Interesting and informative"
"The session is very engaging, easy to appreciate , much thanks to Evelyn and her light hearted approach."
"Examples and experiences by the speaker is very relevant"
"Positive and encoraging facilitator, experience and knowledgable with the topic."
"Very comprehensive, excellent clear explaination of the ingredients of being a better parent."
Counselling and Casework Services
"Before I felt alone, facing the problem. Now I feel like someone with me. Thank you."
"Alvina's sessions with my husband and children were particularly useful. She helped me see things from their perspective."
"Very grateful for the help and support given, allowing me to pass through difficult time."
"Appreciate much the love and concern of the people in FSC. I have grown by the help of my counsellor Mr Lam. It's a blessing to have FSC for people like me."
"I would like to thank Shannon for helping me in my case. I am thankful to receive counselling for my case and I am having a better life now."
"I am very satisfied with the counselling. Counsellor has a lot of patience."
"Very professional, polite, good follow up, genuine care and concern. Always go for extra mile services."
"I'm happy with the counselling service provided by Ms Vivien Chong and she has been very supportive to me and my family. I will not hesitate to recommend others in need to FY (Fei Yue). Thank you so much."
"I am impressed with Fei Yue's good service. I thank Ms Tan for going all the way to help me."
"Fei Yue is blessed to have a worker like 莲珠 who can help others. I am thankful that 莲珠 has helped me a lot."
"She is often very patience, attentative, ready to give a listening ear, continuing being smiley & pleasant. Someone who never loses her patience, great job Vivien."
"I am satisfied with the caseworker work and the way she gives me other options to settle my problems."
Student Care Centre
"Thank you Fei Yue Student Care Centre of CCK for taking good care of the children's wellness, guiding their academics and studies as well as moulding them to have better values and characters. Keep up the good work!"
Volunteer Development
"Volunteering with Fei Yue has helped me appreciate the challenges faced by workers on the ground, dealing with child abuse. I applaud all their efforts."
"Great volunteer engagement and building personal relationship with volunteers."
"Respect the staff at Fei Yue for opening their hearts to us and sharing invaluable knowledge of dealing with and interacting with children with us and I really appreciate the amount of kindness and support we were provided with. I really thank you for your time and friendship!"
"It was a joy and meaningful experience to serve the volunteer work in Fei Yue. To be able to work with both children and adults. I have learnt several interpersonal skills such as patience and communication effectively with both adults and children."
"I feel appreciated as a volunteer with Fei Yue. I must compliment my supervisor, Shona Tan, for her understanding and patient working with her these few years. Thank you, Shona."
Youth Services
"Hello Anchor, I am happy to say that the tips you gave me on alternative strategies to cope with stress are working well."
"Dear Anchor, I am grateful for your help."
"Thanks for listening to me talking about my problem."