Standing together

Testimonials Standing together

Mdm Lim Miao Yung was a jovial and lively elderly. Previously, she had to care for her grandson and was unable to join the activities at Fei Yue Senior Activity Centre at Teck Whye (TWSAC). One day, she had a fall and a blood clot formed in her brain which caused a big change in her temperament. She was easily frustrated and often find fault with the slightest things, hence, lodging complaints became a norm. Her discontented mood was apparent all the time, and this often led to disagreements and arguments with people. Her agitation even caused her to become physically violent. Elderlies at TWSAC do not even bother to hide the look of disapproval on their faces and shun away from her.

It was a very trying period for Fei Yue staff. However, they stood together and worked with the volunteers to provide counseling for Mdm. Lim and subsequently they noticed the mood adjustments and improvements in her behavior. It was also during this period that her son passed away, and she fell into the lowest point of her life. She blamed herself for not caring for her son in the best way she could. She battled within herself and ended up feeling deeply saddened on the inside.

Every time she needed a listening ear or someone whom she can turn to for answers, the centre staff will patiently listen to her and try their best to talk her out of the unforgiveness she has towards herself. Through prayers from some of our volunteers, she is walking out of the walls that were built around her and is now appreciative of the care and concern that was shown to her by the centre staff and volunteers.