Sherry first came to know about Fei Yue’s Youth GO! programme in 2016 when she was a secondary 3 student. She was hanging out with her friends at a void deck at Teck Whye, when Youth GO! workers approached them. The Youth GO! workers discovered that Sherry was having some familial issues, which pushed her to spend more time on the streets with her friends. On top of that, Sherry also had poor school attendance. At one point, she ran away from home and stayed at her friend’s place. Sherry’s mother could not persuade her to return home and felt at a loss. She sought help from Youth GO! worker that Sherry gave worker’s name card to her mother previously.

Youth GO! worker provided casework and counseling service for Sherry and her parents during this period. Sherry returned home eventually and the father-daughter relationship was reconciled after various sessions of individual and family sessions.

Sherry and her father began making efforts to communicate and understand one another. From being someone who refused to go home and attend school, Sherry came to follow the curfew set by her parents and attended school regularly. She even had part-time job to become self-sufficient financially and lessen her family’s financial burden. Sherry reported having positive experiences with Youth GO! workers and continues to take part in Youth GO! events till this day. As she enjoys cooking, she would occasionally visit Youth GO office with her friends to cook and bake. Sherry hopes to further her studies after Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and to work in the hospitality sector in future.