Finding Confidence & Joy @ Fei Yue

Testimonials Finding Confidence & Joy @ Fei Yue

Mdm Low Kam Lan, 75 years old, became a member with Fei Yue Holland Close Senior Activity Centre (SAC) in year 2004. As a single mother, she had to work to provide basic necessities and education for her children. Initially, Mdm Low did not participate much in our programmes as she worked part time and devotes her free time to care for her grandchildren at her children’s place. She moved back to her rental unit at Holland Close Blk 1 to stay alone in 2013 as her grandchildren grew up. With the sudden loss of role, she felt sad and lonely as she had no place to go. She was then encouraged by her friends and staff to join in the programmes organised by Fei Yue SAC.

Mdm Low was initially hesitant to participate in our activities and took some time to adapt to the the environment. However, through the encouragement of Fei Yue staff and her friends, she started to open up and slowly enjoy Centre activities. She was able to make new friends through various programmes in the Centre and she started to commit herself to join the Centre’s programme every day. Noting her enthusiasm, our staff managed to encourage her to take up new roles such as volunteering and joining in different Centre programmes. Even though Mdm Low felt that she did not have the means to be a volunteer as she was illiterate, staff assured her and encouraged her as they guided her on the steps. This was a turning point for her as she slowly realized that she could actually do things that she never thought she could. She also credited the Centre’s special project, “M-power Your Future” as the programme where she was able to do and learn things that she has not done before, such as planning and running programmes for seniors from other SAC.

Today, Mdm Low is very satisfied with her accomplishment in Fei Yue. Staff saw that she is actively seeking to try out new things. Through volunteering in the Centre, she was able to build up her self-confidence and improve her communication skills. Initially lost and lonely, Mdm Low now has a place where she could spend her time socializing with her friends. She joins in all activities and programmes in the Centre and mentioned that this helps her to fill up the emptiness she felt when she first moved back to Holland Close to stay alone. Compared to the Mdm Low in the past, where she felt inferior and unable to complete task assigned to her, she now carries her duties as a volunteer with confidence and pride. Mdm Low mentioned that she never imagined she would be able to conduct activities for seniors from other SAC as she used to view herself as someone who is low-educated and old. However, with constant encouragement from staff and friends, she now enjoys trying out new roles in the Centre and found meaning in her life once again.