Partnerships and Collaborations

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For corporations

We are always on the lookout for corporations or organisations who want to be a force for good with us. If you’re keen to pursue a give back to the community with us, we would love to hear from you.

We ask though that apart from an episodic stint or seasonal effort, you may think of an “adoptive-centric/focussed” effort to promote sustained and intentional giving throughout the year.

Let us hear from you today. You may write in to [email protected] to explore more on how to.

For the communities

The communities have a lot of resources in our midst. If you belong with an informal group of do-gooders, or with an institution of learning; a fellow charity group, and think we can help deliver a common good together for the groups of people we serve at Fei Yue, please do get in touch with us too.

Write to [email protected] and provide us with a brief of what and how this partnership between us may look like. Together, we can create more opportunities and help deliver greater impact.

How would you make a difference?

If you are representing a company, please email us to how you would like to make a difference.