Heartbeat of Fei Yue

Heartbeat of Fei Yue shall go behind the scene and profile the works
of our colleagues serving in different areas and services.

This month, we feature Ms Ng Pei Ling, who is working at [email protected] Yue. HEART is a community-based child protection specialist centre that offers services and support to families and children at risk of harm or severe neglect. The feature is done on an interview basis.

Ms Ng Pei Ling

Assistant Senior Social Worker at [email protected] Yue

18 years of sector experience

Why did you join Fei Yue, and what is your role here?

I began working at [email protected] Yue as a community child protection worker since 2014. My previous work experience was in a residential-based setting, and as I wanted a different work experience, hence I chose to work in Fei Yue to gain more home-based work experiences.

My role is to bring to the family’s attention the children’s safety concerns, such as inappropriate harsh punishments, neglect or no supervision, family violence, substance abuse, and unstable care arrangements. I conduct risk assessments, identify needs or challenges, and provide intervention to manage risks.

What do you enjoy about your role?

I like the fact that my job is not at all desk-bound, as it allows me to discover different encounters and insight, and allow me to interact with different families. Not every family with the same problems are the same, and every encounter is new and different.

I also recognise that I may not be able to see shifts in the families I serve, but just simply stepping into their lives and ensuring the children’s safety, to me, is already creating a different experience, and transforming and impacting their lives.

What are the challenges faced in this role?

It is a ‘tough’ role, because we are least voluntarily welcomed into the lives of the families we serve. For parents who already did harm to their child, they will often dismiss it or deny it, making it tough and difficult for us to address the safety concerns.

Another challenge we face on an ongoing basis is to be a *’Control’ and **’Change’ agent when working with families.

To overcome these challenges, we must present ourselves and [email protected] Yue clearly to the family. We conduct ongoing assessments, review of intervention plans and working towards case closure. I’ll also speak with my clinical supervisor and fellow colleagues whenever there are roadblocks in my cases.

*Control agent – address and monitor child’s safety concerns – set up of safety plan

**Change agent – provide intervention to the child and family to ensure longer term

Share something interesting in your journey with Fei Yue.

I thoroughly enjoy the company’s social events as I get to witness the funny and creative ideas that Fei Yue colleagues can come up with. I appreciate the fact that there is a passionate team of colleagues (aka ‘F4’) who set aside time to organise and prepare such events and initiatives, and it creates a fun Fei Yue culture where work becomes enjoyable.

What do you do in your personal time to relax?

I play drums, swim and build LEGO to destress.

What does the future look like to you?

I hope that I can start a “Children Village” one day to provide a safe haven for children with special needs and those who require protection. This village shall offer a complete suite of facilities and services in one location, such as fostering, residential services, medical care, and enrichment classes to give every child a holistic living, and the learning exposure that they deserve. This would be a retirement dream — to help bring up physically, emotionally and mentally healthy children of our future.

Summarise your experience in Fei Yue in one word.

Surprise! Every day, I am greeted with the unexpected and new experiences.

Our chat with Pei Ling throughout was punctuated with laughter and us, learning something a little more on what she and her colleagues do at HEART.

[email protected] Yue is located at the Enabling Village.

Look out for our next feature on the people behind working at Fei Yue.

Fei Yue celebrates our 30th this year.