Triumphing the ECR Design Thinking Hackathon 2021

Khong Zhi Yin and Ivana Ong from our Strategic Planning and Research Department were part of the winning team in the ECR Design Thinking Hackathon held from 15 March 2021. They addressed the issue of Nutrition Screening, related early explorations, problem definition, stakeholders and resolution finding in a well constructed narrative. Their team approached gamification by examining how games work within the human psyche, and acknowledged the importance of habit formation, and their presentation made clear the way in which the solution could be implemented to achieve desired outcomes. Gamification was used in a highly applied way, and the solution to the identified problem was realistic and achievable. Watch their presentation below:

Ivana also presented on “Evaluating the implementation of a social service information and referral service in a law enforcement agency” during the summit.   Presentation available here