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FAQs on Counselling

"What is Counselling?"

Counselling involves a professional, time-limited, helping relationship between a counsellor and a client or family. This relationship is established for the purpose of assisting you in addressing and resolving any concerns, problems or issues you are experiencing. These may include concerns such as financial difficulties, marital or family conflicts, or interpersonal issues.

“How long will each counselling session last?”

Each counselling session will last approximately 45 minutes to an hour.  The number of counselling sessions you require is determined in part by the nature of your concerns and the goals set by you and your counselor. This may range from several weeks to many months.

“What are the fees for a counselling session?”

Counselling fees differ according to your monthly family income as follows:

Monthly Family Income Fees Per Session
Below $1500 Free of charge
$1501 - $2000
$2001 - $2500 $10
$2501 - $3000 $15
$3001 - $3500 $20
$3501 - $4000 $25
$4001 - $4500 $30
$4501 - $5000 $35
$5001 and above $50

“How do I benefit most out of counselling sessions?”
  • Be punctual for all counseling sessions and inform your counselor in advance of any change in appointment date or time.
  • Share your thoughts and feelings as openly as possible.
  • Feel free to ask questions and clarify information.
  • Take active steps in resolving your problems and complete any homework that is given.

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